You didn’t ask me, but…

You didn’t ask me, but…

This is going around on the internet today and I really despise this for a few reasons.

The first is that it’s hosted by Prager U, a neoconservative, pro-life youtube website founded by Dennis Prager

The second is that it’s Mike Rowe, a trained Opera Singer and Actor playing the role of a good old fashion salt of the earth blue collar workin-man. In this role he tells you to not follow your passion by peppering in dream killing anecdotes about septic tank millionaires, plumbers and failed American Idol singers.

History is littered with people following their passion, failing, and then succeeding. 

Da Vinci drew criminals for 16 years before he received the commission for The Last Supper.

Don’t let anyone try to shame you out of your dreams, and trying to elevate yourself in life.

Woody Batts