My Figure Drawing Session With “ERICA” … Check Out These Creative Drawings

If we acknowledge that the ultimate goal of art is to show the internal tissues of the soul, we will then acknowledge too the importance of sharing sensibility, beauty, history and knowledge. Once art is shared, there is that guarantee of longevity and the peace of mind that the younger ones would get a peak into such an idealistic moment, which was captured by artistic creativity.  I took the chance to portray this special art of drawing in an engaging session with ERICA. 

You must have already figured out how transcendent her portrait is, it absolutely reminds you of the famous model Kiki De Montparnasse. She doesn’t only makes the artistic work original, but equally makes it adaptable and elegant as well; there’s no denying how important this model has become in the New York area. Which explains why on that crisp November Evening when ERICA came by, I felt not only intrigued, but equally the desire to use the natural features of this amazing feature artist to come up with artistic creative products. Believe it or not, it was and still is a very special artistic moment as well as artistic work permit me say.

Art that isn’t shared can’t transcend the message the creative product aimed to transmit. This is why these creative drawings are available for sale at my shop. The art of sharing isn’t just important, but it is equally a fundamental idea behind every creative artwork, mine included.

Don’t hesitate! Just get yours.