Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.

A long time ago on a night out with friends, I convinced a lady I was smitten with to go to a pet store in Greenwich Village to look at the puppies. Little did I know I was going to fall in love.

Clyde was my sweet boy for 15 years. He was the mayor of Bleecker Street before he became the King of Queens. He was my co-pilot, my muse, and my best friend.

It was my privilege to spend those years with him. Now, I'm honoring his memory with the art he inspired.



I made a series of drawings and turned them into museum quality Giclée prints. They're available to buy in my store and on Etsy, so you can enhance your decor with a dash of Clyde's charm and good looks.



I took the same drawing and put it on a shirt, also available to buy in my store and on Etsy. So you can take a walk with Clyde wherever you go. 



Over the years I have made watercolors of my pug Clyde. They are now available as museum quality Giclée prints. These too are available to buy in my store and on Etsy, so you can give the gift of Clyde's cuteness.



Sadly, Clyde's health began to fail in his 15th year. I held him in my arms as I said goodbye.

As a tribute to him and catharsis for myself, I created an urn for his ashes. It's a 3D-printed sculpture made of chrome-plated ABS plastic. I used Rainbow chrome in reference to the Rainbow Bridge poem. 

It's heartbreaking to lose an animal companion. Having your pet's ashes in a specially made urn brings comfort and keeps their spirit close. If you'd like to commission a funerary urn for your buddy or princess, contact me below.