Most of my work begins with my Moleskine sketchbook and a Pigma pen. I have sketchbooks as far back as when I was 14 years old.  I began to draw skulls based on the catacombs in a comic/cartoon style, but wanted to give each skull a characteristic of uniqueness. From here I scanned, vectorized and randomized my pattern.

The Catacombs. Paris.

The Catacombs. Paris.

MEASUREMENTS_Artboard 1 copy.jpg
MEASUREMENTS_Artboard 1.jpg


Dolores is my homegirl and my neighbor. At 86 years young we became fast friends when I moved into the apartment above her.
Through our friendship I have learned so much about her life.

I have learned of her hopes and dreams. I have learned of her secrets and fears.

I asked her to model for me. I placed my eyewear on her and began asking her a different life. A life where she didn’t get married at 17.
Where would she be? What would she do? Tell me the story.

As my camera shuttered I began to capture the evolution of Delores as a fashion designer. A Dolores who legally changed her name so her middle name “Bessie” wouldn’t be used on her heavily stamped passport. A Dolores who resides in Prague and a Dolores who at 87 has now returned to New York City for a retrospective of her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I am very happy to meet that version of Dolores. I am very happy that she was able to use my eyewear to find that version of herself.

 I look forward to meeting the version you find in you.